Our Wedding Gift

How Moturi and I met is an unlikely funny story! Three years ago he tweeted that he was moving and had a bunch of horror DVD’s he needed to get rid of. At the time we didn’t follow each other, so a mutual friend responded to his tweet and included me in on it. Being a horror movie fan myself, I then agreed to pick up these DVD’s from his front porch, while he wasn’t home. For some reason I wasn’t worried. We then tweeted back and forth about the movies, and he asked me out for a beer over Twitter to ‘interview’ me for his next business book. I met him and he proceeded to ask me all sorts of questions about my business and took notes the whole time. At the end of the meeting he then asked what I’d like to do for our first real date. I had to laugh! I truly thought he really wanted to interview me and that was it. After several months of dating, I asked him when he was planning on writing this book. That’s when he told me there was no book, he just needed to make sure that I wasn’t crazy. It’s been true love ever since!